“I AM A BARN” is a profound exploration of life’s journey through the lens of aging barns, houses, and shacks.

May 17–July 7, 2024 | Radian Gallery, San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (March 19, 2024)– Straight off the success and critically praise of his 2023 show, “THE ART OF CODE SWITCHING,” in New York City, acclaimed artist Don Hershman will present his first-ever San Francisco solo exhibition, “I AM A BARN.” A profound exploration of life’s journey through the lens of aging barns, houses, and shacks, this captivating exhibit—comprised of 22 new works meticulously painted on wood panels—invites viewers to embark on a reflective journey through the artist’s own experiences of resilience, creativity, and wisdom. “I AM A BARN” will be on display at San Francisco’s Radian Gallery (440 Brannan St.) from Friday, May 17 through Sunday, July 7, 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the rustic charm of these architectural relics, Hershman ingeniously employs them as metaphors for the twists and turns of their own artistic odyssey. Each brushstroke captures not only the physical decay and endurance of these structures but also the profound narrative of perseverance and transformation. Through the medium of paint and wood, Hershman eloquently narrates the story of growth, and the inherent beauty found in life’s trials.

barn 1

“I have always been fascinated by the silent voices embedded in aging structures,” says Hershman. “In ‘I AM A BARN,’ I sought to intertwine my own journey as a physician and artist, with the timeless symbolism of these weathered edifices. In my lifetime, I’ve survived medical school debt, two pandemics, the death of my mother as well as my first partner of 17 years. These paintings are testaments to the human spirit, with each crack and weathered plank echoing the trials and triumphs of a lifetime. As viewers navigate through each piece, they are encouraged to reflect on their own encounters with adversity and the transformative power of perseverance.

Hershman’s work can also be seen in Pride Not Prejudice, a multi-artist exhibition in celebration of Sausalito Pride Celebration, running at the Sausalito Center for the Arts from June 14 through July 7, 2024. In addition, Hershman will be featured alongside artists Joseph Abatti and Yunus Chkirate in KINDRED, a Pride month exhibition, running at 2358MRKT Gallery in San Francisco’s Castro District from June 1 through June 30, 2024.