Spotlight on Don Hershman

Exploring the Innovative Works of a Visionary Artist

SF / Arts Monthly is proud to shine a spotlight on the visionary artist, Don Hershman, in their latest edition. This feature delves into Hershman’s innovative approach to contemporary art, exploring the depth and breadth of his creative journey.

Through his barn paintings, podiatrist and artist Don Hershman addresses themes of aging and persistence. Barns serve as metaphors for life’s accumulation of events in Hershman’s solo exhibition at Radian Gallery at SOMA. He was inspired to create these works of art by the stoic barns he witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which embody the heritage and durability of these buildings. In addition to practicing medicine, Hershman has always had a passion for painting. His artistic path has produced a variety of pieces that inspire people to reflect on their own resilience.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary talent of Don Hershman in this special feature. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a collector, or simply curious about the creative world, this edition promises to be a captivating read, filled with inspiration and artistic brilliance.

Metaphor for Mortality: Artist Don Hershman On Imagining Himself As A Barn

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